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   (3,300V or 6,600V)
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  Low Voltage Alternator 60Hz   Medium Voltage Alternator 60Hz
   (3,300V or 6,600V)
  High Voltage Alternator 60Hz


High Voltage Alternator 60Hz

Eases Accessibility to Components
- The robust mechanical construction gives good access to the generator output connections and allows the user to inspect the various components with ease.
Class H Insulation System
- Insulation materials meet class H requirements and all retating components are epoxy resins impregnated and high voltage parts such as the stator are vacuum-impregnated.
Voltage Regulator
- At no-road and full-load, +-0.5% vaotage regulation is guaranteed by precise Automatic Voltage Regulator. Standard features include underspeed protection, over-excitation shutdown, stability adjustment to optimize transient performance and full encapsulation for superior moisture protection.
Optimized Electrical Designs
- All main windings are 2/3 pitch to eliminate third harmonic content of the output waveform. Main rotorhas the damper winding.
Parallel Operation (option)
- Alternators can perform parallel operation together with main power or other generator according to requirement.
Auxiliary Winding System
- The effect of load characteristic is little and stable power can be supplied to motor and nonolinear load, because the power of AVR is supplied from auxiliary winding not main stator winding.
Alternators only for Single Phase
- The alternator with 12wires can be changed the wire connection for single phase. The alternators only for single phase are also manufactured to get better wave from the nonlinear load.
Digital Surge Tester
- All poor insulation problems are removed, because insulation of coil to ground and coil to coil can be checked by D12R digital surge tester.
Simple Control Panel
- The alternator attached control panel & circuit breaker at terminal box can be operated and checked voltage, current, output and possible to on and off circuit breaker without separate panel.
Designing Requirements
- All alternators are desinged and manufactured to meet application NEMA MG-1, ISO 8528, JEM 1354, KEMC 1354, KEMC 1111, IEC and IEEE.