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Gasoline Generator Set

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Gasoline Generator Set (BKS-5200W)

Compact and Light Weight
For fast and perfect working at site, it is designed to move easily.
Design for Safety
In case of accident or overloading, breaker will trip in order to protect person and generator from injury.
Multi-purpose AC Power Supply
Additional AC power supply is provided as support for this welder in order to accept various site conditions.
High Performance Welding Characteristics
It is possible to control the required welding current according to various welding conditions.
Decreased Noise and Cost of Maintenance
Unnecessary noises and fuel consumption are decreased equiping slow-down system.
Bokuk is proud of gasoline electric generator for various purposes such as design for safety, decreased noisy and less cost of maintenance, etc. Bokuk always keeps customer¡¯s demand in mind to provide with great quality of gasoline generator and become the leader of gasoline electric generator manufacturer in the world. We will try hard to find out customer¡¯s demand and work diligently to stand on the top of gasoline electric generator market in the world. We have three different kinds of gasoline electric generator. BKS-5200W is one of our gasoline generators. Check our website for more information!