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Diesel Generator Set

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Diesel Generator Set (HYUNDAI)

- Hyundai diesel engine.
- Four cycle, water cooled.
- Direct injection fuel system.
- 24V D.C starting and charging alternator.
- Replaceable fuel filter, oil filter and dry element air filter.
- Direct coupled cooling radiator and fan.
- Starting battery (with lead acid) including rack and connection cables.
- Flexible fuel connection hoses and manual oil sump drain valve.
- Industrial type exhaust silencer and bellows.
- Jacket water heater.
- BOKUK alternator.
- Brushless, single bearing system, 4 poles.
- Insulation class H.
- Degree of protection IP21(standard).
- Aux-winding type exciting system.
- Epoxy resins and vacuum impregnation.
- Precised automatic voltage regulator.
- Heavy-duty fabricated steel base frame for complete generator set.
- Antivibration pads or spring between the engine and alternator feet and the base frame.
- Automatic engine starting and stopping.
- Graphical icon type LCD display.
- PC configurable via MS-Windows based software.
- Simple selector switching type control operation.
- Real time diagnostics via MS-Windows.
Generator phase-neutral voltageBettery voltage
Generator phase-phase voltageEngine running hour
Generator current L1, L2, L3Power factor
Generator frequency HzApparent power
Engine speed RPMActive power
Engine lub. Oil pressure (Psi & Bar & Kpa)Reactive power
Engine coolant temperature(&)
Generator voltage lowEngine speed low
Generator Voltage highEngine speed high
Generator frequency, high/lowEngine lub. Oil pressure low
Emergency stopEngine coolant high
Battery voltage lowEngine start failure
Battery voltage highSensor feature
Generator over current
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